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Crime Scene

This was a test made with Unity 3d in 2017.

As it was intended for mobile devices, so the models are very clean and low-poly and I used just two atlas for all the textures: a 2048*2048px for all the color textures and a 512*512px for the alphas.

as usual, I tried to focus on the story and on the whole composition from the preferred point of view.

3d crime scene environment: realtime

Alberto zimino crimescenepcver

Final build with rain

Alberto zimino crimescenenightime

pre-build nightime with emphasized, slightly bluish shadows

Alberto zimino crimescenedaytime

pre-built daytime

Alberto zimino crimetscene concept

3d concept

Alberto zimino crimescene back

back view

Alberto zimino crimescene top

top view

Alberto zimino crimescene wireframe1


Alberto zimino crimescene wireframe2


Alberto zimino textures color

color textures

Alberto zimino textures alpha

alpha textures