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Dark Venice Alley

I made this environment from scratch to do some testing with some VR headsets and UE4.

The concept: Suddenly you know you are in a dark, deserted alley in Venice (Italy).
Something creepy happened... an ancient rite... then the place became haunted...

The idea came from a game concept I have in mind.

While creating all the 3d stuff, textures, custom materials and lighting, I tried to focus on the composition from different points of view.
Storytelling is very important to me, so I included along the path some mysterious and creepy elements to help the story to come out.
I knew I had to work mostly during the evening, after daytime work, so before starting I set a target date to have the whole project from concept to the released video finalized (a couple of weeks). That helped me to be committed to the goal without keeping the delivery time out of sight.




Dark Venice Alley - 3d environment

Alberto zimino 000 ppdisabled

Without Post Processing

Alberto zimino 001

Dealing with exponential fog

Alberto zimino 008
Alberto zimino 006
Alberto zimino 004

Creepy but very important for the storytelling: an evocation rite took place here!

Alberto zimino 007
Alberto zimino 005

I made a custom material to show/hide a frightening girl image on the windows, based on the camera distance. More on this next time
(I grabbed a picture from the feature film "The Ring" just for testing)

Alberto zimino 002
Alberto zimino 003